Sunday, March 16, 2008

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Gentle Reader you know the game. Everything in the world of cinema is only separated by Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon.

No really…

Ok, follow me on this one… Pax Ramono ( introduced me, Evil Chicken ( to the blogging delights of Final Girl ( whom I introduced to Ron Diprimio ( who is a very busy guy these days with making trailers & films and hosting a brand new radio show about horror movies on Friday nights at midnight on Crusin’ 92.1, WVLT which can be listened to via the wonderful world wide web here from the comfort and glow of one’s own computer monitor around the globe; well each one of us has seen a film that had Kevin Bacon in the cast.

I love this game. It sure is a small world after all – a small world wrapped in BACON!

So check out Final Girl on Ron’s radio show on Friday night (

It’ll be a hoot.


Anonymous said...

My Bacon Number is three. What's that saying . . . "Everything is better with bacon."

Evil Chicken said...

Who doesn't love Bacon?

Pax Romano said...

Ah yes, bacon...I am so glad to be part of Kev's universe.

Evil Chicken said...

I’ve just listened to Ron’s first program here: It was entirely Too Cool.

Make the time to listen. You won’t be disappointed. Final Girl was a wonderful guest and a very intelligent film geek to say the least.

I’m looking forward to what Ron has up his sleeve for next time.

Once more; Too Cool.

Joe Tornatore said...

now that is bringing home the bacon.