Sunday, November 06, 2016

I Wasn't Gonna Do It

I wasn’t gonna do it
I wasn’t gonna vote
The choice between the him and her
Had got me by the throat

But I see now in your heart of hearts
You just don’t want to lose
I wasn’t gonna do it
I wasn’t gonna choose

I’ve read your explanations
I’ve heard your passionate pleas
Seriously, this election
Has become social disease

She did this and he did that!
You’ve sucked on every crumb
The truth?  It doesn’t matter
Keep banging on your drum

We’re standing at the corner
The signs above us read
“Dystopia” and “Armageddon”
Perhaps we should take heed?

Reason is the price we’ve paid
They’re the best that we can do?
You get the government you earn
“It’s up to me and you”

Well, I simply just don’t buy that
We do just what we’re told
We’re told that these two are the top
I say we’re bought and sold

Yes, to the highest bidder
No matter what your side
The necrosis of corruption
Impossible to hide

So I wasn’t gonna do it
I wasn’t gonna vote
But I kept reading Facebook
And grew sick of all the bloat

What of your mind? Well that’s been set
You’ve pondered all you could
You’ve chosen him you’ve chosen her
But have you done all you should?

See hatred’s always been there
As easy as can be
Due to the rise of Facebook
It’s the plainest thing to see

And now you wear it proudly
For the world, it’s on display
The braying could be louder
For you have so much to say

I’m sick of hearing you talking
And this spiral we’ve gone down
I pray we can do better
If not then yes, we’ll drown

But you don’t care about such things
You only want to win
No matter who your ass supports
You care not for the sin

For you see

I wasn’t gonna do it
I wasn’t gonna choose
But now I’ve changed my heart of hearts
The demons’ on the loose

So I shall seek amongst you all
The worst that I can find
The self-righteous and the blaring
The hideous, the unkind

And whomever you’ve anointed
Whichever you may choose
My vote? To make yours null and void
Oh yes, my friend, you lose

I won’t tell you who I’m voting for
It doesn’t truly matter
Just know that you’ve been cancelled out
Which makes me all the gladder

Whomever you are I thank you
For I wasn’t going to vote
But you’ve made all the difference
For that you should take note

For hatred does not suit us
Upon this dawning day
We are Americans, after all
Lest none be led astray

The times they are a changin’
Imagine, if you can
That upon November 9th
We’re still Americans

That we still support each other
That we still believe we can
That we can make a difference
In this divided land

We’ve got a lot of work to do
And this is plain to see
But the Republic, she is worth it
For you and, yes, for me

And in four years’ time
The dance, it will, at once again renew
We’ll hem, we’ll haw, we’ll have a ball
Till then I say adieu