Saturday, February 14, 2015

Shape the Futue

Right now the FCC is voting on something that could change the internet (when it is working) forever.  It is called Title II and voting will commence on February 26th.  Title II is all about Net Neutrality and who will shape the future of the internet.  Will it be molded by users, common people like you and me, or will the flow of information be dammed & diverted by the cable companies? 

NOW is the time to have your voice heard.  This is a non-patrician issue.  This is your internet.  Help keep it alive.  This site: will show you how.  It makes a solid case for why Title II is needed and I humbly encourage you to give it a read.  I signed the petition, emailed my representatives, and phoned the FCC.  It only took a few minutes but it was time well spent.  I believe that a free and open internet is tantamount to a free and open society and this is why I support Title II.

The vote happens on February 26th.  Let your voice be heard.  Help shape the future.

Thank you.