Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Script Frenzy 2008

Gentle Reader, have you always had a yen to want to write a screenplay, play, or TV script? Yes? Well, April is gonna be a good month for you.


Throw your excuses out the window and start typing. Take no prisoners; if you can don’t pay any attention to the spelling or grammar editing suggestions.

“Just keep typing” is a helpful mantra and here’s the goal 100 typed pages in 30 days time. Does that sound daunting? Don’t sweat it. The good folks from the Office of Letters and Light the same people responsible for NaNoWriMo (just see the link to the left) are making this happen. THAT is such a good thing.

Have you ever wanted to? Yeah? DO IT. It’s possible. I’ve completed two NaNoWriMos and one Script Frenzy; if I can do it, Gentle Reader – so can YOU!

No really.

You too could walk into the month of April a non-playwright or scriptwriter and walk out of April a WRITER!

Now I ask YOU, how cool is that?

Trust me, it’s very cool.

There are 5 simple rules which I reprint from their website…

The 5 Basic Rules of Script Frenzy

1) To be crowned an official Script Frenzy winner, you must write a script (or multiple scripts) of at least 100 total pages and verify this tally on

2) You may write individually or in teams of two. Writer teams will have a 100-page total goal for their co-written script or scripts.

3) Script writing may begin no earlier than 12:00:01 AM on April 1 and must cease no later than 11:59:59 PM on April 30, local time.

4) You may write screenplays, stage plays, TV shows, short films, comic book and graphic novel scripts, adaptations of novels, or any other type of script your heart desires.

5) You must, at some point, have ridiculous amounts of fun.

This last rule is VERY important.

What else can I say? If you have a story in you just waiting to get out April would be a fine time to let it loose!

I for one, can’t wait!

So, what’s it gonna be? Are you gonna to walk out of the month of March a NON-PLAYRWRITE or SCREENWRITER?

NO; perish the thought!

Why would you let that happen when you can just as simply join up with all the madness that is Script Frenzy 2008???

I’ll see you on the other side.

Keep on typin’!

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mommanator said...

Hey buddy-go for it, I can barely get a blog writtten every few days! gues you and others have more juices flowin than me- would love to do some of the reading though!