Thursday, March 06, 2008

Another Coffee House Found

While in between appointments today I happened across the Higher Grounds Coffee House, which is located at 21 Rosenhayn Ave. Bridgeton, NJ, 08302. I ordered an “Atlantic Coast Blend” and it was very good, most definitely worth a visit or two. I believe that a local church runs it although I’m not sure which one. It has good brew and that whole coffeehouse / cafĂ© groove that I’ve fallen in love with.

They have a menu for both breakfast and lunch that sounded good but with my annoyingly strict low-carb vows, I just drank my java. If you choose to “eat in” you’ll be served in a tall mug – which was a nice little touch BTW.

Their Winter Hours are; Monday 7 AM – 2 PM, Tuesday-Thursday 7 AM – 6 PM, Friday 7 AM – 10 PM (7-10 PM, Music), Saturday 7 AM – 6 PM and closed on Sunday. It look to this caffeine addict as a pretty good place to meet, greet and eat.

Now I’ve got to get to Smithville; I hear there’s a good one to sample in the area. I’ve got to make the time to do so.

Until then, three Splenda’s and Half & Half, thanks.


Merci said...

Have you been to the coffee bar at Gregorio's on Route 50 in the Mays Landing/Belcoville area yet? Good coffee, good chai and GREAT pastries...

Evil Chicken said...

No. I had no idea it existed. So how far is it from the Atlantic County Park?

THANKS MERCI – I can’t wait to try it out!

Merci said...

It's above 11th street, right next to the bank. It's on the right end of Gregorio's market and deli -Which I think is a converted farm/custard stand. It's below (asin south of)the intersection where Route 50 hooks up with Route 40. I take Cumberland Ave. to work every day, and turn left onto Route 50, so I pass it every day ;)

Pax Romano said...

You'd think if a church ran it, it might be called Hallowed Ground(s)...yuk, yuk.

I love coffee houses myself. You know my fave is The Last Drop on Pine Street in Philly (just across the street from Dirty Franks).

Evil Chicken said...

“Gregorio’s” and “The Last Drop on Pine Street” are officially on the top of my list.

Thank you for the suggestions. Coming from the two of you I know they are both worth the trip!