Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Screenplay by Bad Wolf & Evil Chicken

Chick 1.0 (henceforth known as Bad Wolf) and yours truly are going to be collaborating on Script Frenzy 2008. We are going to be writing a science fiction / fantasy anthology based screenplay. Think of it as “Creepshow” meets “Twilight Zone – the Movie”. It is yet untitled but that will be rectified soon enough.

As her father and as her coconspirator on this project, I can’t wait.

There’s room for more in the lifeboat or the Crazy Train depending on your perspective. Click on over to, http://www.scriptfrenzy.org/. It’s gonna be fun. I’ve had the joy and pleasure of writing with some very creative, imaginative and brilliant people; I’m glad that this tradition is alive and well for this latest Script Frenzy writing endeavor.

Same crazy stuff now with TWICE the destructive power!

Life is good.

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