Thursday, April 12, 2007

Please Go Away

I posted the following at this morning. It appears that there is a biopic being made of Anna Nichole Smith’s life. I posted this long before hearing a similar view on a New Jersey talk radio station today. Here’s a link to the original story: And here is my cheerful response...

“There is not one redeemable facet of the human condition that has ever been a part of this tale. This biopic will appeal only to those who have the time to sit and watch “Morey” or “The Jerry Springer Show.” Unfortunately, that is a lot of people. Mike Judge was right with “Idiocracy.” The movie wasn’t the best but the sentiment is way too close to the mark. How about the crowds cheering for the successful semen guy? I weep for the future. I had high hopes that all of these non-issue issues would disappear from our headlines once the woman was laid to rest but no – these idiots are still grabbing headlines from a war in Iraq and Afghanistan. What is wrong with us and can it be changed – or is Mike Judge right after all? Wow.”

Please forgive me for sounding so negative, Gentle Reader. Yes, sure its tragic, yes it’s a train wreck – no doubt. My hope is that this will be the train wreck that we can (as a society) collectively look away from.

“…I’ve been asking the cops wherever I go, have you seen dignity?” – Bob Dylan


Darla D said...

Well, this might cheer you up (or at least you can have a good laugh at my expense) - and I should probably admit straight out that I do not have tv reception & get most of my news from NPR and online newspapers - but, when the "shocking" news about Anna Nicole Smith came out, I said, "Who's Anna Nicole Smith?"

Definitely a non-issue to me, at any rate. No interest in that train wreck whatsoever.

Evil Chicken said...

You're the better for not knowing. The simple fact of the matter is that the whole fiasco is dropping I.Q. points across the globe (although primarily here in the U.S. of A.)

I wish I could un-see what I have seen. I don’t have that many I.Q. points to spare.