Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter Gentle Reader

It was cold here in the Swamps of Jersey this Resurrection Day. The choir (yep – it includes this chicken) sang for all three services. Afterwards we went over Mother Hen’s Aunt’s house to hide eggs (36 of ‘em) for the three chicks to find. Good stuff.

The choir has really made a progression; as it turns out we are told to, “make a joyful noise to the Lord”; in my case it’s more like making a noise but the process had been a joy. It’s gonna be fun.

Performances will be at 7:00 PM, at Calvary Chapel Vineland on 4/13, 4/14 and 4/15. No pressure, Gentle Reader but if you’re in the area feel free to stop by. I’ll try not to trip while stepping along to the dance numbers.

Happy Easter!

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Joe Tornatore said...

i had no idea but maybe I am just preaching to the choir.