Sunday, April 15, 2007

H.P. Memorium

I’m still mourning the passing of my friend and companion, H.P. Laptop. She was a little over six years old and had a history of problems with her hard drive. She underwent a transplant, which staved off the inevitable for a good four years or so. After an autopsy the original cause of death (corrupted bios files) was thrown out and it was discovered that her hard drive had suffered a major cerebrovascular accident. Lost with her were 5 short stories that I was working on (a Bradbury Challenge setback), a few puppet ministry plays and one or two blogs. I look back at so many happy times and those moments I will always have with me. I completed two nanowrimo’s (see, listened to about 1,700 different MP3s, viewed albums of pictures and thousands of other documents while basking in H.P.’s LCD glow.

H.P. is survived by the backup disk I made a month before her passing. Hey, when it’s your time – it’s your time. Though there is emptiness there is also new life; found in the new Compaq laptop that I am typing this memoriam on. It is helping to fill the void. She’s lighter and has a wider screen than H.P. I like to think that H.P. would be happy.

H.P. Laptop – thank you for your faithful service.


mommanator said...

Cute toast to your HP, When is the funeral! I should send flowers

Evil Chicken said...

In lieu of flowers I will be accepting cash donations. H.P. would have wanted it that way.