Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Best of What’s Around – Summer Movies

Whatever tears at us, whatever holds us down, and if nothing can be done, we’ll make the best of what’s around. – Dave Matthews

I’m a bit of a snob, come to think of it, I’m also a bit of a slob but that’s not what I wanted to discuss just right now, Gentle Reader. I am, unapologetically, a bit of a movie snob – or rather Movie Geek… yeah, that sounds better. Anyway, last years writers strike has taken its toll at the movies this summer season. IMHO there is a distinct lack of films that are worth the price of admission at the multiplexes this year. I am still voting for “Star Trek” as the 900 lbs Gorilla of the season and I don’t see too many possible challengers to that title; “Up” maybe – possibly “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. “Transformers II – Rise of the Fallen” and “G.I. Joe” are getting so much negative that I’m now just going to wait for the DVDs for both franchises.

That’s not to say that either of those franchises won’t make money. I predict that the Transformers movie will make a LOT of it but understand going in that you are going for a popcorn movie experience. There will be a lot of eye candy but it will leave you with empty calories and you’ll be hungry for the story that just was not included with the Happy Meal packaging. G.I. Joe; however, is going to flop. It is like the second coming of “Mega Force” which was a movie that was designed to sell toys and not to tell a story. I held high hopes for it as a kid in the early eighties and I still remember actually feeling embarrassed for the actors who were attached to this career ending abomination. As a member of the audience in attendance I felt used. I felt abused. It was so significantly forgettable that it is only now – so close to the release of the G.I. Joe movie, that I remember the experience in full and tremble.

So what’s a boy to do? Why you make the best of what’s around. Here is what I’m looking forward to the rest of the summer movie season. Yes, I know that I just did a similar blog a couple of weeks ago but things have changed since then and I have to face the cold, hard reality that I can’t get to the theater as often as I would like to. I’ve got to be picky and embrace my inner Movie Snob/Geekness. That leaves me with these possible options…

1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This will happen. I’m taking all of the girls and we’re actually going to the theater and checking it out. It is a great story and I’m looking forward to seeing how it translates to the big screen.

2. Moon. A science fiction character study that takes place (get this) ON THE MOON! Spin is good and it’s right up my alley.

3. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Terry Gilliam is the storyteller. Johnny Depp is in there too as is a last performance from Heath Ledger. Gilliam is pretty solid at being worth the price of admission.

4. District 9. Some guy named Peter Jackson is producing and he put the guy that he wanted to put HALO on the big screen in charge. This will be a cool afternoon at the movies.

5. ??? I just don’t know. Perhaps something of a dark horse will rear it’s head and come from behind. If it happens that would be great; unfortunately, the name of that horse is not on my race form.

Slim pickin’s. Still I shouldn’t complain – good stories are still being told despite the majority of the stuff that Hollywood seems to greenlight these days. Please forgive me, Gentle Reader, that sounded a bit harsh… did I mention that I’m a Movie Snob/Geek?

I’ll see you at the multiplex – not as often as I would have hoped this year but there nonetheless.


mommanator said...

totally agree UP was good despite me not liking that type of flick, I laughed!
and Star Trek-YEAH

Evil Chicken said...

: )

Zelda Parker said...

I haven't been to a theater but I am catching up on video's. Just enjoyed Tyler Perry's "the family that preys." Today I got "Iron man" in the mail, I bet you have a comment on that one?

mommanator said...

I send you an award, pink ribbon check out my blog and pick it up

mommanator said...

just gave you antoher award

Evil Chicken said...

Zelda - Who... me? : )

Mommanator - You are the best.

Anonymous said...

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