Friday, June 12, 2009

Weird NJ Noyes Museum Photo Contest

Gentle Reader… I do not know how much you are aware of the certifiable WEIRDNESS of the place that we here call home; the great Garden State. I sincerely hope that you have some sort of appreciation of just how interesting New Jersey truly is. If you do not understand what I am alluding to you either have recently moved here, have been blinded to the weirdness, or you have never read the pages of one of the greatest magazines in the entire world (no exaggeration) – Weird N.J. If the latter is true then click here: and get a feel for what’s just around the bend here in our fair state.

So, do you know something that could make it into the exposition? Would YOU like to throw your hat into the ring? Here’s how you make it happen:

As per this page on the Weird N.J. website: “Are you a professional or amateur photographer who enjoys focusing your lens on the more unusual sites in the Garden State? The Noyes Museum of Art and Weird NJ announce a Weird NJ Photography Exhibition to be held at the Noyes Museum. This juried event intends to discover what oddities may be lurking in the woods, under the boardwalk or at the local watering hole all within the state of New Jersey.
Our goal is to gather the weirdest photos of New Jersey. What specifies weird? Is it eerie, strange, historic, crazy, unbelievable, tacky, or forbidden? Photos will be selected for their originality, photographic quality or just plain weirdness. Selected photos will be on extended display at the Noyes Museum and featured on the Weird NJ Web site and in the pages of our magazine.
The deadline for submission is August 7, 2009. For all the details and entry information, visit the Noyes Museum of Art Web site at”

Now I ask you… how cool is that?

The entry forms can be found here:

Did I mention how cool this is?

So there you have it, Gentle Reader… the gauntlet has been thrown. I’ve already got a couple of spots in mind. How about YOU?


mommanator said...

ya know Pax sent a pic to weir nj and it was published! I showed him thta place , he entered it. I never knew!

Evil Chicken said...

YES! I think it was a cover shot. It was that statue from "Cleopatra", yes?