Monday, June 22, 2009

Sleeping With the Enemy

Yes, I have officially crawled back into bed with Verizon Wireless and, unlike my previous experience with my Motorola Razor (see: for further details) my new LG Voyager is bangin’. It was cutting edge about two years ago but I am in love. It’s got a full QWERTY keyboard for texting and Twitter, and a touch screen – what can I say… Evil Chicken LIKE. So far it appears that there is a distinct lack of the inhibiting software that proliferated and utterly stifled the Razor. I’m still working on my MP3s and pictures; if I get that figured out then it appears I may owe Verizon an apology.

It is in that vein that I mention another fine site that I have to recommend to you Gentle Reader, to A buddy of mine from church mentioned it to me and now I have to return the favor. You do have to sign up but it’s FREE with no strings attached. After you download what you want to your phone I highly recommend that you make your own from your favorite MP3s that you have kicking around on your hard drive.

Oh yes… I’ve been busy and it’s been too cool. Try it, you’ll like it. Sleeping with the enemy? Yeah, that’s about right – still in the area of the world known as South Jersey they are probably the best game in town with the largest amount of towers.

What’s a boy to do? Enjoy his new LG – that’s what.


mommanator said...

I've had verizon for years and haven't had problems. I actually like the razer

Evil Chicken said...

Me too! The Razor is a great phone. It’s just that there was so many things that the Verizon software made impossible to fully access like ringtones and pictures that just began to infuriate me.

The medication appears to be working so I am more at ease as of late. : )