Friday, February 22, 2008

Wanderings – The Far Side of the World

One of my closest friends will be traveling to Macau China next month. He’ll be there for about three weeks on business. He told me that it will take him about 36 hours to get there.

Ouch. That’s a long time to be in an airplane.

As he told me this I fired up the latest edition of Google Earth and brought up some pictures.

“Whoa!” I said, “That’s cool.”

“What?” he asked.

“Google Earth has some nice points of interest – wait ‘till you see the pictures!”

“Pictures – you mean you see pictures of Macau?” he asked.

“Sure. ‘Panorimo’ is a part of the Google Earth experience my good man – WHOA!”

“Whoa what?”

“You’ve gotta see this temple when your there. It’s the kind of place that Indiana Jones would go to meet Lara Croft for drinks.”

“And that’s all on Google Earth?”


I revisit this little exchange, Gentle Reader, to plug Google Earth. I don’t receive dime one and in the back of my paranoid mind know that Google will one day make a bid to rule the world through various nefarious techniques of mind control and subjugation BUT I gotta tell you, Google Earth is the bees knees. It’s the real deal. I’ve talked about the joys of Google Earth before but I thought I’d drag my fingers across my Logitech keyboard once more to extol its virtues. If you would like to check it out slide on over to "Evil Chicken's Favorite Places", and click on the link.

My friend has been sent around the world; Las Vegas, Bali, Dubai, India and now Macau China and I was able to see the hotel that he’s gonna be staying at from the comfort of my computer room. I can now live vicariously through others with just a few picked keys and some clicks from my mouse.

I’m excited for my friend for the adventure of travel, the thrill of discovery and, now, for the fact that he’s gonna be loading Google Earth onto his new laptop. He’s gonna love it and I’m gonna love hearing all about his exploits on the Far Side of the World.

Stay safe Dave, you’re in my prayers. Don’t forget to send me a postcard; for some reason, I’ve got a thing for them these days.

Stay safe, Bro.

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mommanator said...

You went complety different on the post than I expected TEHEE! I thought can you imagine chicken man in a pllane for that many hours! he waould loose so much weight and plus, someone would have to listen to snoring for that long.
wasn't one of the survivor series in Macau?
I love google earth too, almost as much as wiki!
OMG my word verification is HEN J VP!