Friday, February 29, 2008

The Sweetbrier Bakery

I love the smell of a bakery. There’s just something familiar, warm and inviting about it; do you know what I mean? Sure you do. It’s the collective memory of aroma and scent so sweet. And oh, what a bouquet it is. I revisited that fragrance this very day; Gentle Reader we (the family and I) celebrated leap year 2008 by paying a visit to the Sweetbrier Bakery, in Dorchester, NJ.


These days I’m all about the low-carb and the high protein. The diet’s been good – it’s been working and, unfortunately, I’ve got a lot to work with. I’ve been good but every now and again I run into a situation – like TODAY where I bend my carb shunning ways; and oh, I’m so glad that I did. I took one of their cards and I hereby quote, “Sweetbrier Bakery – A Natural Foods Bakery – All of our recipes are made from scratch and contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Baked goods made with organic ingredients can be ordered. We also have cholesterol free, dairy free, wheat free, and “Blood Type Diet” friendly baked goods.”

When I hear the words “Natural Foods” I gotta tell you, I shudder a bit. While healthy it may be the stuff you get at supermarkets is kind of bland. This is NOT the case with the Sweetbrier Bakery! Who knew that organic ingredients – dare I say, “healthy” ingredients could be so good? The owners and staff have a love and passion for what they do and the area they serve. They are sweet people. The walls are dotted with art and photos from local artists and if you know the area you just might spot some familiar sites.

Oh man, it’s good and worth a visit. They are located at 3890 Route 47 Dorchester, NJ. 08316. They are, “Just south of the intersection of Routes 47 and 347.” Try it the next time you’re in the area on your way to the shore or in your travels. Great people, great natural food bakery goods and the coffee’s pretty good too!

I’ll have to walk off the carbs and it’s back to the high protein grindstone tomorrow – TODAY, though, I feast!

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mommanator said...

never heard of it, but sounds like I should give it a try! I love goodies too! as if you didn't know HAHA