Thursday, January 03, 2008

What’s In A Carb?

I am an Atkins zombie. I am, admittedly, pretty strict. Not that I’m tooting my own horn here but I’ve dropped about a hundred pounds on the “diet”. Note the “quotation marks” around the word diet. I put them there because I know that I cannot look at anything I eat as being part of a diet – I have to look at it like a “life style change”.

Quotation marks can be annoying – no?

Sorry, I digress… I still have a lot of pounds to loose but I’ve been quite pleased with my menu of bacon, mayonnaise, eggs, roast chicken (with my olive oil – Old Bay rub), slow roasted pork, chicken wings (extra crispy & hot) and buckets of bleu cheese dressing. Have you ever had crumbled bleu cheese on a steak? …Oh man…

Before you ask, my cholesterol is under 174. I can’t fault you, Gentle Reader, it’s a good question.

I’ve started to introduce “good carbs” into my chosen edibles list, kidney beans (for the occasional bowl of spicy chili) and tomatoes (in small amounts).

So why blather on about this to the blog reading public? Well, I have a confession and it is a well-established fact that confession is good for the soul; for about a day and a half – nay TWO days (one of those days included Christmas) I carbed out. I ate some bread, some fruitcake (one of my favorite cake substances in the whole of the known world) and drank eggnog.

There – I said it!

I’m back on the wagon now but in a remote corner of my brain I feel somewhat fatter. It’s just a nagging sensation that instead of creeping downward I started creeping up the scale once more. Not that I’m too concerned – I just know that I’m on the plus side of the holidays.

Oh well; it’ll come off. Maybe I’ll cut out the kidney beans and tomatoes for a while?

See you at the gym!



mommanator said...

don't beat yourself up! You & I will always be on the plus side! just get back to it bubba!

Frodo said...

Beware the rebound effect if you ever go off of Atkins. Otherwise I wish you continued success with the diet. The folks over in the chicken coop looked well the last time I saw you.