Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Coffee Shop Update

I ran into another cool spot to grab a cup of coffee today. I’ve seen it before but never had the chance to visit – until today. I now have to add this place to my existing list of favorite places to grab a cup of coffee. For Evil Chicken’s Official Coffee House of Fame list see: http://evilchickenscratch.blogspot.com/2007/11/coffee-history.html. Anyway, I digress the place is called Beans Coffee Shop and its located in Woodstown, NJ on North Main Street. I had a large Guatemalan that had a lot of character and was eyeballing the home made pastries. Reminding myself that I’m a low carb cowboy these days I creamed and Splenda’d my coffee and left.

I swiped one of their cards, which also makes mention of being an Espresso Bar, specializing in teas and serving lunch & dinner. I didn’t get anything to eat but the salads looked good. The shop has all that one would want in a place to meet friends and discuss the important matters of the day. Music, ambiance, wifi, art, and photography, old baseball uniforms – the place has a great vibe. I’m only sorry that I was just passing through.

I’ll be back though… oh yes, I’ll be back. And I’ll be bringing Chickens with me!

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