Sunday, January 06, 2008


You know how some people will say something like, “I don’t like politics” when really mean that they actually LOVE politics? Yeah? I’m not one of those people. I don’t like politics and, instead subscribe to the Obi Wan Kenobi school of thought that says all politicians are, “not to be trusted”. I don’t care what party you’re discussing – it does not matter. Having a “two party” system is a disservice to the concept of democracy. Many voices should be heard and not just the well funded ones. Yes that’s idealistic but so are all the schools of political thought – including democracy. They all work great on paper. IMHO, democracy is the closest thing to what is on the printed page but make no mistake… it’s idealistic.

One of the many reasons I have not taken to a life of crime is that I would never want to go before a jury of my peers. Why? Both my peers, and me respectfully are idiots. The correlation between jurors and voters shouldn’t be ignored in this paragraph. Another reason that I have not broken any laws that would put me behind bars is that I would be entirely too popular. There are simply too many distractions in prison for me to want to break any laws that might put me there.

But enough about my life of crime; let’s talk political parties. If I were to choose a party it would probably be Libertarian. These people like little government involvement and instead favor personal responsibility over having the state monitor every possible aspect of ones life. I live in New Jersey – that will never happen here. A recent quote from one of the legislators (unfortunately I forget which one) from Trenton, our capitol was, “if there is anything we can control – we should.” That thought process really scares me. It’s way too Orwellian for my tastes; entirely too controlling, too far reaching. Just what happens if the legislators are idiots? Suppose they cared more for what the lobbyists brought or gave them than the people they are supposed to be serving? Hmmm. Unfortunately, one does not have to wonder too long – not too long at all.

How about elections? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a set amount of dollars candidates were able to spend in any given election – some sort of cap? Perhaps we would hear more from other parties besides the republicans and the democrats? Who said that we should prostrate ourselves before a two party system anyway? Probably some group of old, rich, white guys who are used to having all the power in the world – that’s who.

But enough about the things that are not – let us discuss the things that are. Not saying that I support ANY of the people I’m about to mention (really – since I voted for “Weed Man” in the last NJ election because I didn’t like ANY of the other candidates) but the way I see it there is no way the republicans are going to keep the White House this go round. Just forget it. This being said and as much as I would like to have a viable third party candidate – he or she does not exist at this time so the unbeatable ticket would have to be Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama (I’ll let you decide who is President – with the political machinations in place it really doesn’t matter which is which).


The merciful decision of the Democratic Party would be to end this charade right now and just say they are the ticket in November. This won’t happen either since it’s only January and we as a people like to watch all of the pomp and circumstance of such proceedings play out on network television. The talking heads from every network known to man have to weigh in and have their say. Those whom pay attention in the voting public to such things have to go through the motions too. We must feed (and be fed by) the machine.

Que Sera, Sera.

Well there you have it – my best guess as to whom is going to be leading the free world during the next four years come November. A Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket would win – no doubt. I won’t be voting for them but I won’t be voting for whoever the Republican’s will run either… I’m still pulling for Weed Man.

That’s all I’ve got to say about that. I now return you to your regularly scheduled dose of trivial information, You Tube videos and movie previews. This pleases me since one can’t swing a dead PETA member without hitting a candidate for something this time of year – and its only January.

Lord help us.


cxx_guy said...

You might want to look into Ron Paul. He is running as a Republican, but was the Libertarian candidate in 1988. He is anti-war, pro-freedom, anti-centralization of power. Please give him a look.

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