Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lee the Horse Logger

Mother Hen introduced me to this interesting fellow… He’s Lee, the Horse Logger.


LEE, the Horse Logger; under the section on his web page that proudly states, “Living Life in the Slow Lane” it is clearly stated, “… Lee has no agenda, is not endorsing or protesting anything. He is not raising money for a cause or selling anything. He is just living life to the fullest.” And THAT is a beautiful thing. You see Lee is traveling cross county journey to see what’s out there. As his website explains Lee built a covered wagon which is pulled by draft horses. He set out from East Glacier, Montana on August 9, 2006 to travel cross-country to visit his childhood sweetheart. He depends mostly upon the kindness of strangers in this quest.

Here’s an interview with Lee that succinctly explains what he’s all about… When asked about lessons learned and funny stories Lee says, “I learned that people are people. The other lesson there is if you choose to attract problems they will come to you guaranteed. If you choose to attract and give positive energy that will come too.”

I like this guy way better than Dr. Phil on a good day. There’s another interesting soul out there on America’s byways. They are out there you just got to know where to look.

Ride on Lee, ride on.

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mommanator said...

OMG I thought this was a short story! I must have gone to the BR 3 times whilst reading!