Monday, May 28, 2007

There and Back Again. A Chicken’s Tale

We are home and thanking God for a wonderful time together and a safe trip back home. As you know if you’ve been following the “On The Road Again” series we the Evil Chicken 5 (EC-5) attended GEOWOODSTOCK 5. What a gathering. When we first arrived on the scene on Friday we were met with the sight of scores of campers & tents and cars with license plates from far and wide all converging at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. I don’t know what the official tally was yet but both the Friday Night Meet and Greet and Geo-Woodstock 5 will qualify for “Mega-Event” status. After registration you moved onto one of three maps; one of North Carolina, one of the United States and one of the World. Colorful pins gave a hint at the scope of this Event. There were people from Europe, Canada, California and, yes, New Jersey! At the event were different coin venders, REI & Ground Speak tents, dozens of boxes for travel bugs heading in all directions around the globe, silent auctions, cache runs with kayaks & 4x4’s, food, presentations & workshops and a whole boatload of likeminded people. The pig roast was legendary which is good since that’s how I like to eat.

Yesterday we chose to make the drive back to NJ; caching along the way. We racked up a total of 926.6 miles on the Explorer and a million miles of memories that we can always take with us wherever we go. The sponsors and volunteers of this event all deserve a standing ovation for this one. There was so much that went into the planning and execution of this event; procuring an area, food, health services (just in case), sponsorship and a host of other concerns are no easy feats when dealing with an event of this caliber. Seriously.

The announcement came from the stage on Saturday as to where Geo-Woodstock 6 will be held – Sacramento California. I do believe that I’m gonna have to start saving my pennies. I sense a road trip in our future…


Joe Tornatore said...

unless you show me road toll receipts and video, I ain't believing anything. lol.
good story.

Evil Chicken said...

; )