Friday, May 25, 2007

On The Road Again Part II

We are in the process of field-testing “Maggie” our new Magellan Roadmate, a windshield mounted GPS unit. Maggie has a great voice and is pretty good with directions; pretty awesome, in fact. The unit takes much of the guesswork and white knuckle – Road Warrior driving tactics out of whatever road trip you are making. I am very impressed. I’m told that it is my Father’s Day present. I don’t mind in the least. Our other GPS unit is a Garmin Legend. It’s seen over 760 geocaches or so; and it’s still going strong. Yeah, yeah – product loyalty and all that… You really need to hear Maggie’s sweet voice when she says, “make a right in two tenths.” Ah, it’s music to my ears.

We spent our first night camping at Pocahontas State Park in Virginia. What a beautiful spot. I highly recommend it. Mother Hen did an amazing job of finding this park; as usual. Not to brag but we’ve gotten pretty good at putting up and taking down our Coleman tent. We love this thing; it’s big enough to fit the whole crew (including the dog) with gear but the feature that I love most has got to be the door – it’s on a hinge and Velcros shut; too cool. We show this feature to other campers who walk away both in shock and awe. Any way we left after breaking camp and drove about four and a half hours to Raleigh North Carolina to our hotel room at the Holiday Inn (where I am typing this from BTW, Gentle Reader).

We are about to head out to the Raleigh Fair Grounds for a Geo-Coin extravaganza number one and, hopefully getting something to eat (I’m wasting away). After that we’re heading to Geo-Coin extravaganza number two. I do believe that there is a viewing of “Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End” in the cards for the evening too.

Oh yes… We shall see what we shall see. I’ll check in with you later, Gentle Reader; until then – adieu!


mommanator said...

Is it realy geo caching or should it be George catching!

Evil Chicken said...

You know, that would work too.