Saturday, June 09, 2007

AARP – Where Is Thy Sting?

My oldest daughter, the first of the Three Chicks, is having her eighth grade graduation tonight. She’s going to be entering high school. She and her mother are out right now getting her hair cut for tonight’s ceremony. Three nights ago they came home with a dress – something that my tomboy daughter had sworn off and only begrudgingly agreed to wear. Her mother asked her to try it on so that I could see her in it and she obliged. When she came out of the bathroom I was stunned. My little girl is now a young woman. There is no denying the fact.

And so it goes.

My daughter and I have done nothing but joke about the eighth grade graduation. We have giggled about it – telling ourselves that it’s “not that big a deal.” I’m beginning to feel that I was wrong; wrong in encouraging the laughter at the night’s expense. I’m beginning to see that it is a bigger deal than I suspected.

My oldest daughter is entering High School. In four years time there will be another graduation and another daughter entering High School and THAT is only four years away…

Four years.

Tempus Fugit, gentle reader. Enjoy it for all it’s worth while you can.


Pax Romano said...

This can't be!

Wasn't it only yesterday when you were chasing the three of them around a certain someone's numerous flower beds?

Pass the Geritol.

Evil Chicken said...

That is so funny - I was thinking about that while reading Zelda’s latest post!

That’s where the “Father of the Year” picture came from. We were worse than a boatload of gophers in that garden.

We need to do that again… Next time we’ll bring shovels and pick axes!

- Just kiddin’ Zelda.

Zelda Parker said...

Shovels humm, we could build us a "cement pond". Guess that none of us are spring chickens anymore?

Evil Chicken said...

Just say when!

mommanator said...

Well I thought they were the evil chicken wrecking crew that day! LOL, but then I have had my graqndchildren there! Those flower beds are soo inviting to young chicks! That was a fun day, but it always is when this 'family" gets together! No lie- when we all get together I have to wear depends!

Joe Tornatore said...

capture the moment, the present before it becomes the past.