Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Father’s Day

My writing partner and I are well underway on the Script Frenzy project. June we write it, July we edit, August we film, September we edit (the film this time) and October we will be premiering the movie. I see the film as “Deliverance” meets “Blair Witch”. It focuses on the misadventures of a group of poker buddies who get caught up in a series of events in the Pine Barrens in between the forces of good and of evil.

It’s happening. No kidding.

If there’s anyone out there who wants to be in a movie, have a good time and probably some coffee and donuts STAY TUNED. Understand that it’s not a paying gig. My partner and I can’t pay you dime one BUT we can say that you will walk away from the experience being able to say that YOU were an actor in a film that can be purchased on DVD and is registered with the Library of Congress; that's right YOU will be able to say that YOU are an actor - and really mean it. Yes Gentle Reader, it will be coming soon.

Just let me know. You can do so right here. If August is good for you – wonderful; we’d love to have you aboard. It will be quick and reasonably painless. : ) ...Resonably.

In other news... The EC-5 are heading down to Assategue Island to camp on the beach with the wild horses. We’ve done this now for the last 4 or 5 years or so and it’s a blast. We’ve seen the horses raid campsites and let me tell you it’s not easy trying to shoo a 600-pound animal away from a box of gram crackers when it’s got a mind for snacking. The ocean is wonderful. The waves are bigger and the water clarity is better than here in New Jersey – although, to be fair the clarity has improved greatly in our water over the last decade or so. It’s also the Maryland Geocacher’s Bonfire on the Beach. Nice people – big fire, good times.

It should be a blast. I won’t be bringing the laptop since getting sand in it and having it not working would bring me to tears. The next phase of the script will be hand written so that I can transfer it over to proper script format when my laptop and I are reunited.

…And it will feel so good.

The kids have already given me my cards and I was given a roof sack (?) for gear, which is on the truck and ready to rock. I am blessed with, dare I say, the three best girls in the world and the woman who gave them to me. For them I thank the Man upstairs.

Happy Father’s Day, Gentle Reader… (if you’re a dad that is.)


mommanator said...

OOO I want to be the Jersey devil!!! LOL I'll be an extra if I am in NJ when you shoot and you want a granny type!
We have vacationed at Asseteage so many times- is such a great place for kids! Wtch them waves buddy- knockedd the hubby down one time- that was quite a fete when he was bigger!
Happy Daddies day!

Evil Chicken said...

Not to give too much away but that role has already been cast. Sorry Mommanator. I promise that I’ll keep you in mind for the project. We are going to need a slue of extras for some of the scenes. I can’t wait for it to begin.

Assateague was a BLAST. If you are reading this and have not been to see the waves and the horses; stop reading this, get into your car and drive the four hours to the island. You won’t be disappointed.

The waves are killer – literally. I washed up on shore more than once. I lost the cut offs that I was wearing and my wedding ring.