Friday, March 30, 2007

The Snake Plissken Memorial Playground Project

I love Ain’t It Cool News. Harry & Co. are a lot of fun to read and to get my daily geek injection. Now, I know that it is remarkably close to April Fools Day, but this story has an odd sense of truth to it.

Here’s the original story from AICN:

Here’s the site for the “Snake Plissken Memorial Playground Project”:

AND here’s the My Space site:

It sounds weird enough to be true.

In other Plissken news; Gerard Butler (King Leonidas from 300) has signed on for the “Escape from New York” remake. While I’m sure Butler will do a great job, the movie will be a hoot and make a wheelbarrow full of cash, I have always hoped that Kurt Russell would be back as Snake for at least one more film. Also words like “remake” or “re-imagining” almost always send ice water down my spine. Still… with this property, which is near and dear to my beating geek heart, I will be there opening night – no doubt.

See you at the playground!


Pax Romano said...

Another blasted remake?

I doubt it will be as good as the first one ... I mean Donald Pleasence, Adrienne Barbeau, Issac Hayes, and Ernest Borgnine all in the same movie?!?!

Evil Chicken said...

YES; and Lee Van Cleef!

I have not doubt that the CGI will be top notch, that the acting will be wonderful and the back story (what happened in Cleveland) explained; but the heart of the film will always lie in the 1981 version.

At least for me.