Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rainforest Café – Atlantic City

Gentle reader. I didn’t start writing this blog to do what I’m about to do right now… Please forgive me.

Chick 2.0 celebrated a birthday yesterday so after a trip to the zoo we ended up at the “Rainforest Café” in Atlantic City – pretty cool, no? You bet. It’s on the boardwalk and part of the “Trump Plaza” property. Hey we were down in Orlando and had a blast at that one and those “Volcano” cakes are pretty cool – no doubt. Why not take Chick 2.0 and her siblings to mark the day?

For those of you who don’t know, the “Rainforest Café” is a theme restaurant that looks like a jungle. Every 15 minutes or so the jungle comes to life. Animatronic gorillas, elephants, giant butterflies and Mayan gods get into the act. Rain falls and mist rises. Pretty neat. The food is corporate which is to be expected. The AC version of this restaurant is smaller than the one in Orlando FL. The staff is different too. In Orlando they are used to dealing with families on vacation while in AC they are used to dealing with people who have just lost a lot of money at the casinos – usually sans children. Don’t get me wrong – the service was good; I only refer to the overall sense of welcome. Orlando had it, AC doesn’t.

“But why, Evil Chicken, are you upset?” It wasn’t just the service thing. Call me crazy but if I’m spending a hundred bucks on dinner I want to be whistling gleefully at the end of the night. No, gentle reader, that’s not the complete reason that I’m miffed. You see 3 out of 5 members of our family (including the birthday girl) had immediate diarrhea – repeatedly. 1 member was throwing up too.

Yeah, good times.

So, the next time that you’re planning a special night out, it would be my humble recommendation to skip the AC “Rainforest Café” all together and wait until you can go to Orlando. There are other local places to blow a hundred bucks. If you cannot wait, at the very least let the Board of Health complete an inspection first.

See you at McDonald’s.


Anonymous said...

Dear EC: Are you unaware that one never drinks the water in a rainforest, much less partake of exotic culinary delights? Might I suggest some iodine tablets for your next foray into the jungle? Have you contacted the Board of Health and reported these miscreants? Scumbywannabe

mommanator said...

I told ya you needed a nanny/nurse!

Joe Tornatore said...

sounds like you were better off attending the 3 hour meeting I was in.

Evil Chicken said...

Joe – you may have something there.

Mommanator – True; in fact we just may have to put you on speed-dial.

Anonymous/Scumbywannabe – Iodine is always a good thing to have in one’s backpack; I couldn’t agree more. As for the Board of Health, no; I did not. I have only reported this to you, gentle readers.