Saturday, March 24, 2007

But Does It Float?

Unique homes are all over the place. I happen to have a thing for water; playing in it, being near it, yadda yadda… I suppose that it’s only natural that the majority of the following homes have something to do with water. I’ve always thought that living on board a boat; sail, barge or other would be a freeing experience. Let’s face it; if things got too hot in one port of call all one would have to do is quietly slip out of the harbor only taking fond memories with you. Nice. Don’t like the neighbors? Sail away. The view is too boring? Change it – the world is truly your picture window.

As a Parrothead I knew that the “Cosmic Muffin” existed in the world somewhere. The famed rocket ship that Desdemona piloted around the Caribbean in search of “Joe Merchant”. Well… Behold. The stories are true: Be the first on your block to live in a ex-plane boat.

Stiltsville Miami in the middle of Biscane Bay. The homes are now part of the National Parks Service but lest there be no doubt, that was pretty cool. Check it:

Not too shabby. A small island in the Keys for only 1.2 million! Rancho Del Evil Chicken? (See it here:

Frank Lloyd Wright designed this little fixer-upper entitled, “Falling Water”. It’s a museum these days but it was once a private residence.

Of course the Dutch Barge is always an option. These are huge in Europe; I’d love to give one a spin for a year or so.

Alas, once more gentle reader; if wishes were horses then beggars would ride. Pretty neat ideas though…


Zelda Parker said...

Visitng Falling Waters has been on my to do list for a while. Need to start working on that list. I'm not talking about the list filled with home improvement chores, for sure.

mommanator said...

SOOO chicken man why dont you like my posts!?

Evil Chicken said...

Zelda – Yeah stick with the good list. “Falling Water” would be neat to see.

Mommanator – Huh? Hey, I’ve been out Geocaching all day today. BTW we grabbed 9 of ‘em in Cape May today.

You know, you good people might really dig showing up for one of SJG’s (South Jersey Geocaching) meet and eats. Let me introduce you to a wonderfully addictive pastime.

I do apologize for my turn around on uploading responses. I should play with the settings… It’s on the list.