Tuesday, April 07, 2009

So How Are Things with YOU?

Gentle Reader, it’s been too long. My time has been drawn to Script Frenzy recently and I have not had a chance to write a decent blog entry. That’s ok though; please take heart in knowing that progress is being made (34 pages as of right now 8:32 PM) and that other amazing and cool things have been happening – such as Geocaching.

This past weekend we (the EC-5) had a blast. We went places and saw things and learned things that we just never knew about the South Jersey area. That is just plain cool. We saw the oldest house in Atlantic County, learned about the woman who repelled the English Navy at Beasley’s Point and discovered the Clara Glen Pet Cemetery in Lynwood. There are about 3,800 animals buried there and it 2 plus acres are hidden by suburban “progress”. Very cool though – if it hasn’t been in Weird NJ yet then it should be.

Well, I’ll talk soon; right now I have to get back to writing my script.

Talk care!

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mommanator said...

I've gotten 2 books on Weird NJ and just to love flick thru them and read about all the weird things NJ has to offer besides my family and friends. You stay busy honey that way you will never get old!