Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Ode to 9 Teen Years

(Today marks 19 years of US – Mother Hen and Evil Chicken. This was my gift to her and it was performed at Bogart’s Books this afternoon. Gentle Reader, I thought I’d pass it along for your reading pleasure. Happy Anniversary, Lady!)

An Ode to 9 Teen Years

I can’t afford too much these days
The economy’s ransacked my purse
I didn’t know what to get you
So I thought I’d write a verse

I began to wonder just what does one give
To honor such a day
Styrofoam, cork, or paperclips
Just what does Hallmark say?


Twenty years ago I met her
In a bookstore at the mall
9 teen years ago we married
Oh so young as I recall

She was a fiery red head
With a sparkle in her eye
With curves I found quite memorable
Don’t judge me, I’m a guy.

But I knew this one was special
I knew she was the one
To spend a lifetime’s afternoons
In the meadows ‘neath the sun

I could see the future in her eyes
Of hopes and one of dreams
This was obviously the product of
One of my more insightful schemes

A marriage is quite like a dance
Life’s tempo fast and slow
Deciding who leads and who follows
Well, such sacrifice makes you grow

We’ve done some growing in our time
Oh, the things we’ve seen
I can’t envision that time without you
Those years, the past 9 teen.

I see the past, the present, the future
When I look into your eyes
I can’t imagine a life without you
Our paths are that entwined

You’re the mother of my children
Three hopes of things to come
They are the sun, the moon, the stars
One for all and all for one

Once there was me and once there was you
Those children are gone now you see
In their place there is only US
And that’s the place I want to be

These first 9 teen are over
My lover, wife, and friend
I’m eager for the next 9 teen
I would do it all again

For you’re still that fiery red head
With that sparkle in her eye
I’m thankful the Lord gave you to me
My confidant, my wife.

Happy anniversary, Lady.


RDOwens said...

Very nice. Congratulations to both of you!

Mother Hen said...

Love you too, boo! =)

Here's the youtube link:

mommanator said...

O hpaay happy and many more! such a beautiful ode!
you write poetry too!

Merci said...

Happy Anniversary!