Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tropic Thunder

As you may or may not know, Gentle Reader, I follow movies. Usually summer blockbusters and fan boy stuff but movies and film nonetheless. Tropic Thunder has good spin. It’s had good spin for months. It’s a satirical comedy about a group of washed up Hollywood action heroes who are accidentally put into an actual war situation. Hilarity ensues. Ben Stiller directs and stars, Jack Black is involved and so is Robert Downey Jr. That’s a good cast people.

And now people are picketing the movie. Here’s what Harry from Ain’t It Cool News said on the subject; http://www.aintitcool.com/node/37873 and, low and behold, he’s got some very salient points. BTW – Harry and company do not usually shy away from language and ideals such as freedom of speech. Read the truth but be warned about the colorful metaphors that he uses to exercise said freedoms.

Mel Brooks said, “Political correctness is the death of humor.” That is a too true sort of statement. Mr. Brooks knows what he is talking about. Quite frankly I’d sooooooo much rather listen to him when it comes to funny than anyone who decides to picket a goofy satirical comedy just because the word, “retard” may or may not be used. Come on, life is entirely too short for such “controversy”. Mountainous Mole Hills are usually stacked to the heavens even when those causing the stir have NOT EVEN SEEN THE FILM! This has always amazed me and it happens on both sides of the fence – CENSORSHIP that is. Really? Yes. The pros and cons slap up picket signs and circle the wagons whenever their particular tree is shaken; see “The Last Temptation of Christ” and “The Passion of the Christ” if you don’t believe me. Both the pros and the cons were marching in front of the theaters for both these films. Both looked at the figure of Christ from different views and both were “controversial”. People picketed both of them.

…And for what? Really? For what?

If you don’t want to see a movie don’t go. Don’t support it with your hard earned dollars. But please, PLEASE don’t moan, complain or gripe about it unless you have actually SEEN the film. How myopic can you be? Hey here’s a novel idea, you don’t like the music that’s playing on the radio? Change the station. How about that TV show that got you upset about the plight of dogs in Ireland or China or wherever? Don’t watch it. Move along. There’s nothing to see here. It’s just not for you. And that’s ok – do you know why Gentle Reader? It’s because the world does not revolve around you or I for that matter. It is what it is. Oh we can do the whole ostrich thing and hide our heads in the sand but in spite of our very best efforts, the world moves on.

As tempting as Book Burning, film picketing, TV boycotts, music censorship or the whole concept of the thought police may be to you – you can not make an idea or ideal disappear just because its vehicle of deliverance is burnt, picketed or destroyed. You can’t pretend that people don’t have thoughts just because the ever-changing powers that be decide to burn them. That’s a bit fascist, no? You can burn a book but an idea? It’s just not that easy. Nor should it be.

Sermon over.

That being said I can’t wait to see Tropic Thunder at the multiplex. I hear that it is well written, acted and directed and that sounds like a winning ticket to me. The film points out the hypocrisy of Hollywood – something that is ripe to be lampooned. The movie is rated “R” so don’t bring the kiddies. It opens on 8/13/08. I’ll see you at the multiplex for this one – I’ll be the one smuggling in his Junior Mints and dodging the picketers.

The film will bring the funny; and I for one can’t wait.


Joe Tornatore said...

If we had to boycott humans who use the word retard, there wouldn't be much talk on th eplanet. I am about to shoot an indpendent movie now and have to use the "r" word myself about another. maybe i should turn down the role on principle. lol

Evil Chicken said...

Make it so and "break a leg" - in a good way that is.

: )