Saturday, August 16, 2008

An Open Letter of Thanks to Blogger

As it turns out you may or may not have seen a You Tube Isaac Hayes video pop up a couple of times. I tried to post a single copy of the video on 8/10/08. It didn’t work out so I wrote up a quick few sentences and a link to the Yahoo article. Well, they showed up today – both of them dated, well; today. I took them down.

Blogger (the place where yours truly posts this blog) has been experiencing some growth pains. They are updating things and that’s a good thing. You might see some technical difficulties every once in a while but the folks at Blogger do a pretty amazing job of keeping the blogisphere ship afloat.

I’ve seen the hard work and commitment it takes to run such an internet endeavor and you’ve got something to be pleased with. Thanks Blogger for all the behind the scenes stuff that make it easy for common everyday folks to have a voice and a place to get what’s inside out.


Evil Chicken

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