Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy Weekend

Busy, busy, busy. Much has transpired and I was nowhere near my keyboard to throw in my two cents. You see while Barack Obama chose a running mate (Joe Biden), the 2008 Olympics came to a close and the Democratic National Convention began out west in Denver Colorado; I was camping well actually we were camping, the EC-5. We were with the Youth Group from my church (see: this weekend. There were about 40 or so kids and about a dozen or so of us counselor types. What an amazing group of young people at summer camp this year. Some of those young men and women are on fire in their faith in Jesus Christ and how they live it in their lives; there are some who are just getting their fires started and other’s who’s flame needed to be rekindled. That’s what this weekend was about – rekindling and becoming set apart. It was something to see.

Oh there were other things to see as well.

The games schedule was unbelievable – think Survivor, Fear Factor, and The Amazing Race mixed together for a weekend of stunts and you’d be on the right track. The kids were split into the Blue and Green teams. All competitions and points were based on how well each team performed; and oh, what wonderful performances. Hey anytime that you and five of your friends have to finish a box of cereal and a gallon of milk while using no utensils but you hands or when you have to push a Fruit Loop along twenty yards of fishing line using nothing but a straw or when you have teams chewing gum furiously to see who can make the biggest wad in a given amount of time or when the candle / soda chugging competition is underway – look out; crazy stuff but good stuff. The kids bonded as teams while we counselors took turns at judging the various competitions and relays.

The food was something to see as well. There is a smoker that shows up for these events and, as Joe (our head cook) said, “Every home should have one.” I agree. The thing could heat your home as well as smoke about a dozen turkeys at the same time. It is a converted oil tank (sans oil) with a hatch, chimney and firebox welded into its frame. Oh man… the food. The smoker does amazing things to pork loins and chicken. Amazing things. I pity the vegetarians in the group but hey, the smoker even worked for them too; have you ever had smoked macaroni and cheese?

Another thing to see were the campfires; no that’s not right… the CAMPFIRES. Yeah, that’s better. Old fences, huge split logs of seasoned pine and doors can really cause a conflagration (see picture of the doorway to hell). S’mores aplenty.

Another thing to see was the Christian Rap concert by Renewed Disciples (see: Bring a hand towel because it’s time to catch fire! When the concert was over my knees were sore from jumping up and down, my voice was horse from screaming out the lyrics, my ears were ringing and the smile on my face was stuck in place. These kids and musicians have a gift and they are ready willing and able to share it. Bad Wolf (the oldest of the Three Chicks) bought a CD but she’s gonna have to wrestle me for it.

Too cool.

So that was my weekend. I was exhausted and took today (Monday) off. Tomorrow it’s back to the grind but this past weekend is going to stay with yours truly. It was a whirlwind but an unforgettably wonderful one.



mommanator said...

And you didn't invite me! sounded like a blast for the Lord!

Evil Chicken said...

Mommanator - You would have loved it. It was crazy - over the top.

I can't wait for Winter Camp. It'll be the same craziness only colder.