Saturday, July 12, 2008

File Under G for GEEK

March 6th – 8th in 2009, in Cherry Hill of all places, a Star Trek convention will take place and yours truly, Gentle Reader, will be there. Gory details: That’s right – I said it; I’m going to a Star Trek convention. I don’t know who will be appearing yet but it will be worth the visit for the experience alone.

“Have a good time.” My wife said.

“Oh come on – it’ll be fun.” I said.

“I’m sure you’ll have a good time.” She replied.

“Don’t you want to go and see the sights – share the experience?”


“Yeah but…”


“How about the…”

“No.” That was three ‘NO’s – the official telemarketers cease and desist bugging me at home while I’m trying to eat dinner notice. Oh yes, I’ll play at your clever ruse – for now. Who can resist the siren call of a good Star Trek convention? It’s like the seductive dance of a green Orion Slave Girl or spelunking to a Horta or reproducing to a Tribble – it’s manna to any geek worth his or her salt.

I haven’t given up on her yet.

I think the kids will dig the experience. How often do I get a chance to embarrass and emotional scar my progeny by geeking out at a Star Trek convention? Not very often (well, at least at a Star Trek convention). Oh, who am I kidding? They’re gonna love it. Be it genetics or osmosis or proximity they are geeks too!

I am so proud.

I would like to go on record as saying that I have never owned a pair of pointy ears nor a Starfleet uniform. Costumes are not my bag, baby – at least at Star Trek conventions. There are those who do enjoy it but that’s not my scene. I’ve been more than content to watch them though; Orion Slave Girls, Vulcans, Andorians and the ever-present representatives from the Klingon Empire. Instead of the costumes, I have always been drawn to the story – the whole ‘human adventure is just beginning’ thing? I enjoy hearing the tales of those who bring the legend to life. I find it fascinating. As a guy who likes to write there are those dream jobs on projects that you would like to have a hand in helping to move forward – writing for Star Trek is one of those dream jobs. That’s pretty cool, in a geek like fashion, to hear what these guys have to say about moving the story forward.

You know, perhaps I’m looking at this whole ‘get my wife to a Star Trek convention’ thing the wrong way. Maybe I’ve been looking at this whole costume thing through jaded eyes – maybe I should learn the seductive dance of the Orion Slave Girls.

Hmmm, now where did I put that green paint?


Merci said...

Will Captain Picard be there?

Pax Romano said...

Being just a tad older than you, I can recall first run Star Trek. Picture it, a young Pax Romano sitting at Mama Romano's knee in front of the brand new 12 inch RCA color television watching Star Trek.

Mom had this major "thing" for Captain Kirk. She loved him!

You know what used to freak me out as a kid, during the final credits of the show when the last thing you'd see would be that green, big headed alien. I'd have nightmares over him.