Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rotten Tomatoes 2007 Best Film List

I haven’t seen ‘em all but Rotten Tomatoes has. Here’s what their editors picked as the top of 2007: see -

I agree with “300” and “Ratatouille” since I’ve seen ‘em and know that they are worth your time. The rest are most likely decent rentals though.

And with that; it’s New Years Eve. Do you believe it? I have a few issues with the concept… Still, the calendar must be satisfied.

Happy New Year, Gentle Reader, may it be all that you hope it to be.


Pax Romano said...

Cool list.

Loved Zodiac, Juno. Saw Sweeney Todd the other night and it knocked my socks off (Music Murder Sondheim Burton and Depp -- how can you go wrong?).

Evil Chicken said...

Sweeney Todd! I really want to check it out but I don't think I can take the kids. Burton and Depp - you can't go wrong.

So how was H.B. Carter in Angela Lansburry's role?