Monday, December 10, 2007

Is Print Dead Yet?

Well, no… not yet anyway. A part of me would miss the feel of a book. I mean really, what reader worth his or her salt doesn’t love that musty smell of old books or being spellbound; getting lost inside the pages of a good story? There is magic there – real magic. There are those who believe that the same enchantment can be had without the use of paper.

They might be onto something. For almost the last 600 years people have turned to the book as the preferred method of idea delivery. Well, the times they are a changin’. E Readers have been around for the last half dozen years or so but they have not really been the house of fire they have promised to be. Sloppy interfaces, copyright infringement, publishing companies, glossy screens have all made the transition from page to screen bumpy. Enter the Kindle from Amazon (; that is) >

Pretty cool, no? Having a library at your fingers wherever you go, wireless – always on technology, access to newspapers, periodicals and blogs, not to mention the 100,000 plus novels that are available for download. It’s possible to email yourself Word documents and pictures and there is free wireless access to my favorite second brain, Wikipedia. This little $400.00 number looks to be the next step in making this a paperless world – at least if Jeff Bezos has his way.

Who is Jeff Bezos? Good question. He’s the entrepreneur who envisioned the concept of Amazon; the 900 lbs. gorilla when it comes to online warehouse shopping. Amazon knows one or two things about books and how they are disseminated to the reading public. He’s carved a niche out into a billion dollar industry and now he’s got revolution on his mind. Here’s the Full Monty on the subject; it’s a really good article >

There’s always going to be a need for paper but in the future apart from legal documents, shopping bags, toileting purposes and the occasional book collector who enjoys that old musty smell of bound books – it’s days just may be numbered.

Would Franklin and Gutenberg be rolling in their graves? I doubt it – I think they’d both be bloggers and eager to play with whatever new crease technology would allow them to express themselves; their ideas and ideals through.

…Yeah, those two would have Kindles, but then again, so would I if I could afford it.


Merci said...

Dunno...Don't think I'd want to take that $400.00 book to the beach with me...

mommanator said...

I can't believe how expensive they are Jimbo has/reads lots of books so thought I might get one for him till I saw the price!
He would probably break it or better yet loose it!

Pax Romano said...

I like the idea in the abstract ... but there is something sensual about a book, the touch, the weight etc...

I would not getting all of my newspapers and magazines on a Kindle (is that what they are called) - that would be really great on a long plane or train ride.

Evil Chicken said...

Yep. You ALL speak the truth.

The thing would be so convenient though. If the price, beach sand, and lack of smell taken out of the equation I would have had one last week. How about that price! Unfortunately all these equations factor into why I’m still going to the bookstore and newsstand.

…Did I mention it’s expensive?