Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Whom I'm Reading Now

“So who is your favorite author?”
I’ve been asked from time to time
I’d have to answer, “Whom I’m reading
Now,” the question is sublime

Perhaps it’s something scary
Tales filled with horror – woe
Perhaps something from Steven
King or Edgar Allan Poe

Or maybe something humorous
To pass away the hours
Some good Mark Twain or Christopher
Moore enchant me with their powers

Or maybe swords & sorcery
With a dragon perhaps or two
Some Tolkien or some R.E. Howard
A Hobbit / Barbarian brew

If I feel mysterious
There are few places that I go
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s nice but
Dame Christie steals the show

Perchance it’s something fantastic
My yen for worlds unseen
Neil Gaiman & J.K. Rowling work
They can truly set a scene

Perhaps a graphic novel?
With true sophistication
Then you want to find some
Alan Moore, he’s your destination

And then there’s science fiction
That just may do the trick
May I suggest some Arthur C. Clarke
Or even Phil K. Dick

And then there are the classics
Too many just to name
Bradbury, Verne, & Stevenson
Deserve their well-earned fame

There’s Hemingway & London
Voltaire to name some more
I can’t forget Kurt Vonnegut
Their voices all still roar

There are many to discover
So many yet to read
I have only scratched the surface
Librarians take heed!

So, ask me who’s my favorite?
Who can I disavow?
The answer is so plain to see
It’s whom I’m reading now.

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