Monday, April 08, 2013

Things Found

I found a poem in a book today
It was not put there by the publisher
Or by the author, who happens to be
Neil Gaiman, by the way

It was tucked between pages 70 & 71
In, The Sandman – Season of Mists
And although I didn’t write it I had to
Pass it along – it’s too good not to share

I believe that it is called, “Tapestry” or
“Our Tapestry” or even, as the small
Upside down print on the back says,
“We cross our palms with stars for love”...

here’s our tapestry;
follow each thread,
catch storyful stich.

the reds and golds,
the fires and sparks
that forged us.

the blacks and greys,
the clouds and storms
that overshadowed us.

the purples and blues,
the bruise and tears
that broke us down.

Here’s the white light
for the times we were

here’s the handle;
we turn it to
open a new door

here’s the corner;
we turn it to  
follow a new path

here’s the page,
we turn it to
find a new story

here’s the thing
A life full of turns
has no straight road to

beginning after beginning,
and yet no end in sight.

A loose end here
A loose end there

We gather up the strings;
we weave our own

...I stood in the library
With a smile on my face
As the unexpected gift
A discovery unfolded before me

There is no signature
But there is a small drawing of a coy
Fish and a symbol in a corner of the paper
But, to whoever wrote this, I thank you

The magic of things discovered, things found
I find the prose wonderful and, might I add
Much better than anything that this
Humble, pseudo-poet has produced

It made me smile to see it between
The pages of a book by Neil Gaiman
I will replace it as I have found it
For someone else to discover the magic

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