Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Higgs Boson, You Say?

I am a layman’s layman.  I am aware of Higgs Boson because of the speculative fiction that I consume in its various states of existence, or rather, from books, TV, & the movies.  My layman’s layman concept of Higgs Boson is that HB is the force that determines weight via some sort of molecular DNA of matter.  In other words it is what determines the state and/or density of molecular structure or, further, what makes a spoon a spoon and the water within it the water within it.  That being said water must have a very light Higgs Boson weight in that it can so easily exist in three states; solid, liquid, & gas.  These different densities would be part of the Higgs Boson “field” and that field would determine the atomic weight of one substance verses the atomic weight of another. 


Yeah.  Me too.  As usual, I am going to turn to cartoons for answers; albeit this one is from Mashable & CERN.  The article, “Cartoon Explains Higgs Boson [Video]”, is by Ted Wasserman and I believe it’s worth your time if matters of the universe interest you.  If not grab another bag of Cheetos and sit this one out.  

Still confused?  Yeah.  Me too.  Don’t even get me started about time, gravity, and/or light or any combination thereof; my confusion just grows exponentially. 

So there are two schools of thought at play here.  There is a plan & there is not a plan – or, at least that is how the scientists from CERN have been testing at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva.  Tomorrow, on the Fourth of July, it is expected that CERN will announce that it has discovered the elusive Higgs Boson particle; the blueprint of all matter, if you will.  Scientists will debate this finding via ‘the plan vs. no plan’ argument for decades or until the next big discovery is uncovered, just where did all the mass come from to begin with


I’m not too worried.  It’s all part of the plan.

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