Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Dark Night

I had a blog written and waiting to go concerning, “The Dark Knight Rises”, the Batman movies and the actors who have portrayed this title character.  This is not that blog.  The events of July 20 have put that blog on hold for now.  It did not seem appropriate to publish it now. 

People go to the movies to escape the troubles of the world.  Sadly, the troubles of the world visited a theater in Colorado at a 12:01 showing of, “The Dark Knight Rises”.

A friend of mine posted a link from The Onion on Facebook.  It is brilliantly written and absolutely horrific in its accuracy.  It’s entitled, “Sadly, Nation Knows Exactly how Colorado Shooting’s Aftermath will Play Out” and you can read it here:,28857/

And then there is this blog from Marie who is writes for A Miniature Clay Pot.  She was there, in the theater, when the shooting started and this is her blog entitled, “So You STILL think God is a Merciful God?!” 

My thoughts & prayers are for all those involved in this incredibly needless tragedy.

Photo by Karl Gehring/The Denver Post, via The New York Times

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