Friday, July 06, 2012


I’ve been on a reading kick recently.  I’m reading two books right now, “Elric of Melnibon√©” by Michael Moorcock & “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline with a third on deck that I’m about to re-read called, “Godsmacked” by Paul Cicchini.

What is, Godsmacked, you may ask?  Godsmacked is a cross between Douglas Adams and Monty Python with a pinch of Joseph Campbell thrown into the mix for good measure.  Perhaps the best description comes from the author's website.  Here is the gently lifted synopsis from the Godsmacked website

While practically sleepwalking though an excruciatingly boring existence, Charlie Ellison becomes the victim of a freak temporal accident that flings him into heaven?? Well, what the ancient Greeks called heaven--Mt. Olympus to be exact.  Only this one seems to be floating is space.

Despite his painfully pedestrian existence back home, Charlie is anxious to return to the normalcy of Earth because ultimately he concludes that this crazy place can NOT be the real Paradise. 

He journeys through the trans-dimensional Olympus on a quest to find a way back home. On the way, he befriends a scrawny, screechy Heracles (long before he grows into the Greek demi-god hero we all know as Hercules). Heracles (Herc for short) agrees to help him and they encounter all of Herc's looney relatives--a host of zany Greek gods, goddesses and demi-gods. 

As was first reported in the ancient stories of Greek mythology, these gods suffer from a laundry list of decidedly un-godly failings--the same ones humans deal with daily-- organized crime, lust, greed, pollution, terrorism, prejudice, and gang violence. 

The experience of meeting these daft deities corroborates Charlie’s suspicions: this CAN'T be the real Heaven when is it populated with such goofy, flawed, self-centered miscreants... But where is the REAL God? …

This will make you laugh.  It will make you think too – of course you’ll be giggling while you do so.  Here is the website for the book:  I highly recommend you track down a copy but beware; the Gods are capricious.

Check it out!

Picture of the cover of the book was gently lifted from the Godsmacked website as well.  [NOTE: I hear that ‘gentle lifting’ is very good for the triceps.]


Milanista said...

Surprisingly, not that I have a lot remaining, but I had been pulling my hair out on the lookout for something on the subject of this topic today then simply right when I found myself gonna surrender your website turns up out of the blue

Evil Chicken said...


Greek gods and their interactions with Charlie do make for a good time spent between the pages of a book.

I hope you enjoy it!