Saturday, May 02, 2009

I’ve Got a Problem with that Bub

The Summer Movie Season has now started! “X-Men Origins – Wolverine” opened this weekend making it the first of the big summer box office movies to grace multiplexes from sea to shining sea and around the globe this year.

“So, Evil Chicken how was it?”

It was all right.

Now that I have answered this question let me tell you why I absolutely hate those four little words, it was all right. You see when I see a WOLVERINE movie I don’t want it to be “all right” or even “Good”; no, I want it to rock my world. I want Logan himself to slash his way out of the movie screen, make me spill my popcorn all over the place, grab me by my shirt, and ask me – “Do you gotta problem with that, Bub?” I want to smell the smoke from his cigar. I want to know that he is the best there is at what he does and that what he does isn’t pretty.

But, It was all right.

I don’t wish to discourage you from seeing it especially since the work print of this film has been pirated and released onto the net about a month ago. I would really like to support this film because by supporting it in the theaters will go a long way to a studio – even like FOX to throw their hat into the ring for another go round. And, next time, I want a Great Wolverine movie. One where ideas and characters are not throw away; one where the director and writers have a passion for the characters that are entrusted to them and they actually want to tell a decent story. The actors, including Mr. Hugh Jackman do their utmost to make this work but they lack the guiding leadership for everything to gel. They are trapped in a world that is not of their making.

Look, if your expectations are not too high and/or you have no idea who the characters or their back-story are you’ll have an ok time at the movies. If you’re a fan of these characters, you would like to see them develop into something more than one dimension on the big screen and you expect more from your Wolverine movie than an average to sub-average action flick you’re gonna walk away unsatisfied.

I really don’t mean to sound too harsh but… But… SPOILERDeadpool? ...Really?

Oh man.

It was all right.

I want GREAT. It looks like I’m going to have to wait.

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mommanator said...

from the commercial adnauseum you'd think it is GREAT!