Tuesday, May 26, 2009

College Camp Class… The Final Frontier

So I’m mowing the lawn – an abhorrent activity that sucks away about an hour and a half – two hours of my life on a laborious and weekly basis this time of year, and I notice out of the corner of my eye Mother Hen. She was wandering in my direction when the engine stalled. The stalling of the engine is nothing new in the weekly sentence of cutting the grass but having Mother Hen outside while I am mowing the lawn is.

“Would you be interested in teaching a class on Star Trek?” she asked.


“Yeah, you heard me. The college is hosting summer camp classes. They are looking for a Pokemon instructor and someone to teach a class on Star Trek. Would you be interested?”

“You’re kidding.”


“Sure!” I said with a smile. “How cool is that?”

“Yeah, I thought you’d like that.” She said with a smile and she went back inside leaving me to tend to the rest of the greens. I primed the engine and started the mower once again – now my thoughts were on the class and all of the wonderful possibilities that it presents instead of the lawn; and I was all right with that.

And that’s how it happened, Gentle Reader; that is how yours truly became the instructor for the summer course on STAR TREK! Let me just say, I can’t wait. I am going to be sharing one of my passions with others, getting paid for it, and, my youngest daughter, Chicken Little (Chick 3.0), can take the course for free! I still don’t know how many kids will be in the class but I’m really excited about getting underway. When its over I want the kids to know what to do in case of a warp core breach, just how Zephraim Cochran ushered in the age of warp technology, and the dangers of mind melding with a Horta. More importantly, however, I want them to be aware of a great story that happens to unfold in the 23d century and that they can appreciate the historical, scientific, technological and social context of that story as well. I can’t wait.

“The Human Adventure is Just Beginning.” I will keep you posted on how it goes this August.


RDOwens said...


They are also in need of a teacher for a Pokemon class.

Evil Chicken said...


I hear they have their Pokemon teacher. I'm not sure what other coursed they are offering for summer camp.

I can say that I have already started pulling some of my books and tech manuals off of my shelf for class preparation and I’m working on my curriculum. I can’t wait to get started.

I’ll keep posting how its going.

Take care, talk soon!

mommanator said...

just remember its for kiddos! although many trekers will already know allot! MAybe a visit to local theater would be a field trip!

Evil Chicken said...

Yup. If it is still in the theaters I'll have the class check it out on Friday.

I'm really jazzed about this. It'll be a hoot and an half.

: )

GuentherGal said...

Ahhh, Proffessor it is! And Bubba is just signed up for the Robotics class! SAFK is a great program, this will be his fourth year attending. I, however, have him take classes so I can get away from him; heehee! Congrats!