Tuesday, January 09, 2007

On The Lot

Here is “WAKE” (< Just click)

Gentle readers in the past I have alluded to a short film that I had the pleasure of taking part in. Well today it went live on the On The Lot website. My friend, Mr. Ron Diprimio wrote, edited and directed the short. I showed up and had a blast stumbling over my lines. We were joined on screen by friends and family; in fact one of my co-workers, God bless her, took a vacation day to be in the bar scene. She’s a trooper and a heck of a quarters player to boot. Don’t fret, all the booze was really apple juice – after all this will be aired in prime time on Fox. It will be premiering sometime in the spring of ’07.

So just what is On the Lot? Well, as it says on their web site it’s, “the groundbreaking new show brought to you by reality show mastermind, Mark Burnett, and legendary producer and director, Steven Spielberg. Over the season, the 16 filmmakers will produce short films in every genre every week and the viewers will vote on who gets eliminated. The winning filmmaker will take home a $1 Million development deal!” – So says the OTL site.

So check out the OTL web site and if you like the film let ‘em know. I, for one, would love to see Ron as one of the 16 and it would be fun to have a guy from Jersey in the competition.

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Pax Romano said...

WOW! How "Carnival of Souls"!

You and Val should garner supporting Oscar nods for your roles!

Loved it!