Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rouge’s Gallery

How wonderful be this little treasure, Lads and Lasses?

It came out last week and I need to track down a copy ASAP. It’ll make a great soundtrack to “Bonny, Read & Rackham.” I had heard that this was being produced but I had no idea that it was already out. Besides I haven’t heard any Sting in a long while.

The novel, by the way, is coming along quite nicely. Now if I could only take off for about a month or two to finish; yeah that would be about right… Ah, if wishes were horses then all men would ride.

I do apologize gentle reader, that I have not been updating things, as I should or updating them with any eye to quality. Do forgive me; I’ve been wicked busy. Principal photography is now done on my friend’s film entry for “On the Lot” and now the editing process begins. The whole project has been a complete joy; I only hope that my ‘acting’ will hold up long enough to be of some use to my friend. You know, they say that the camera adds ten pounds – I just wonder how many cameras he had on me while he filmed!

I promise that I will pass along any information on the film when it is ready to be viewed and/or voted on. Until that time let me just tell you that the film is called, “Borrowed Time.” My friend is a talented fellow and I cannot wait to see how it all comes together.

Until next time, shipmates – I bid you adieu.

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