Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lights, Camera… ACTION!

Alright here’s an update on my friend’s film that he will be submitting for the Fox reality TV show, “On The Lot” that will be aired in the Spring of 2007.

We are having a blast making this short. I can’t really go into gory details but, as our director says, it’s a horrific take on ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes.” The man who is playing the lead is spot on for what he needs to do and his voice and intonation are going to be perfect for the part. My friend needed a balding fat guy as one of his actors and, low and behold, yours truly is in the short too. May God have mercy on the production.

We’ve shot the interior scenes at the director’s house. Soon we will be shooting inside a local tavern and, after that, on one of the main streets of a local city. He has already received permission from the mayor to have the 600 block at his disposal for a few hours on an upcoming Saturday.

This has been an amazing experience thus far and I have learned that the next great leap forward, concerning filmmaking, will not come from L.A. or N.Y., no; the next revolution will be right out of peoples own garages. The technology is here and people will use it. It is now possible to write, shoot and edit amazing work with a computer and a decent camera. It’s amazing. Don’t believe me? Go check out You Tube for a couple of flicks. You will soon be a believer.

We shoot at the tavern on Monday. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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