Saturday, April 28, 2012

Texting and Movies Don't Mix

Apparently industry insiders from Sony, Regal, & IMAX were debating the merit of allowing texting inside movie theaters at a theater conference (CinemaCon) recently.

“…Wait, WHAT?” 

Yep, these insiders are under the belief that if you make the experience of going to a theater WORSE for the average paying customer that it will increase ticket sales.  This is one of the most profoundly dumb ideas that I have ever heard.  If this is the industry’s think-tank inteligencia and “go-to” people then theater owners should start looking for other work as soon as possible. 

I threw it out to Facebook before I left for work and I started to watch the responses roll in.  The overwhelming 900-pound question on the wall post is, “Why?”  The only answer is that they hope to attract a younger audience.  My fear is that they will only attract self-absorbed, ignoramuses who are only & absolutely concerned with themselves and have no care for anyone else in the movie house.  It’s a greenlight for idiots.       

Here is an article from Ain’t It Cool News’s, Billy Donnelly (aka – Billy the Kid) entitled, “A Movie Theater is No Place for Texting!!” which you can read for yourself here:

One of the only dissenting voices came from the Alamo Drafthouse, a legendary small theater chain that understands the concept of story delivery and has a STRICK no texting policy.

God Bless the Alamo Drafthouse.

I’m a movie geek.  I love the concept of going to the theater for the communal joy of a shared spectacle but if this were to come to pass any and all of my reasons for going to the theater would be gone.  To the point, there would be absolutely NO REASON for any of the paying public to ever go to the movies again.  No reason, whatsoever.  It smells of desperation.  The theaters must hold onto the very few remaining reasons why the public would want to patronize their facilities.  If they do not or cannot then they have outlived their purpose.

How’s that for your bottom line?

One more point about those devices that the industry insiders want people to start using in theaters for texting – each of those devices that you are encouraging people to use have digital video recorders. 

Yeah, these people are true masterminds. 

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