Sunday, May 29, 2011

Covert Ops Vacationing

Here at Rancho del Evil Chicken things are getting crazy busy.

No, that’s not the right phrasing; please allow me to begin again…

Here at Rancho del Evil Chicken things are getting CRAZY BUSY!!!

Yeah, that’s a little better.

We are busy. Mother Hen is taking classes for her Bachelors. I’m about to start my Masters and Bad Wolf, the oldest of the Three Chicks is going to be starting to work for her Associates. Throw on top of that all of our jobs and all of our other commitments and it does not take a great leap in logic to realize that, as Kahn said in Star Trek II, “Time is a luxury you [Kirk – or WE in this case] do not have.”

Look, I/we love all of the craziness that I/we are involved in but there has got to be a release valve somewhere. A time when we can get away as a family, let our hair down; so to speak. Get some R & R. The trick is that with our schedules the big “Family Vacation” is just not in the cards for the foreseeable future.

What to do?


I’ll tell you what you do. You get smarter about how you use your time. Weekends with an extra day, Monday or Friday make for an excellent escape plan. You get away from the keyboards & LCDs for a little while. You explore what is around you and then some. I figure anything within 6 hours driving distance from South Jersey is fair game. Now then, let’s see here; let’s explore some possible options, shall we?

The Newport Mansions of Road Island:


Sleepy Hollow, New York:

New York, NY:

Chincoteague Island, VA: http:

Gettysburg, PA:

Baltimore, MD:

Point Lookout State Park, MD:

New York, Finger Lakes Region:

Thousand Islands:

So there we have it; ten possibilities for long weekends, an exercise in covert ops vacationing. Do YOU have any suggestions for a relatively nearby getaway? I’m open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance, Gentle Reader and fellow Traveler.

Sincerely, Evil Chicken


Brian Smith said...

I highly recommend - Herons View, Fenwick Island, DE

Merci said...

Williamsburg, VA. Philly Overnight in the colder months.

Evil Chicken said...

Brian - NICE. That sounds beautiful!

Merci - Williamsburg is nice but I'm running on the cheap these days. Is it possible to do Williamsburg without selling any more of my plasma? It may be. I don't know.

Merci said...

Not if you actually want to go INSIDE of any of the attractions! It can get pricey. Haven't been there for quite awhile. Gotta win us some lottery $$$. Then we can go wherever we want to go!!!