Friday, April 22, 2011

So Dad, What was a Movie Theater Like?

I read a very good article on Ain’t It Cool News by Nordling called, “Nordling Advocates For The Theatrical Experience!” It can be found here: If you are a movie geek you will grok it mightily. I would have simply posted on AICN, however, gremlins appear to be attacking Harry’s site right now so I thought that I would post my reply right here on Chicken Scratch. Here it is in its entirety…

Here, Here!

Firstly, Nordling, that was a brilliant article.

The motion picture industry is just that, an industry. They are built to make money and technology and our ever increasing short attention spans make turnover of product faster and faster. The trick for the average person buying a ticket is separating the ‘Must See Opening Days’ from the Red Box rentals – the wheat from the chaff. The ART is still there (thank God), it must be or it will simply not sell. Not for nuthin’ but that’s one of the main reasons why AICN is what it is ~ as a consumer of what the movie industry is selling it is just bad business sense to simply buy a ticket to a movie without doing the market research first. You learn to listen to good advice. I have a family of 5 and unless I have a vested interest in a film (i.e. an event picture) I am not taking the troops; it’s just too pricy. Since we are in a confessional frame of mind I am more likely to purchase a single ticket for a matinee showing on opening day. I love the communal experience of a theater but these days I really have to pick and choose such communal experiences.

I stand by my opening statement; Nordling, that was a Brilliant Article. Thanks.

Both Shakespeare and Captain Kirk called the future, “The Undiscovered Country”. What the future holds for the multiplex is up for grabs. How do you think the future will unfold, Gentle Reader?

I’ll see you at the multiplex… for as long as I can.

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