Saturday, October 16, 2010

Of Inaugurations and Balls

I had the pleasure of witnessing the inauguration of President Thomas A. Isekenegbe as the sixth President of Cumberland County College this afternoon. (For those of you playing at home that was October 15, 2010 at 2:00 PM.) He is only the sixth President in 40 years. The ambassador of Nigeria and the Grand Chief of Nigeria were in attendance and spoke on the new President’s behalf. All and all it was something to see. Presidents and delegates from dozens of colleges and universities – all in their dress robes were there to witness the inauguration. The Faculty was in the precession too. Family, friends and, yes, even politicians were recognized. It was a beautiful ceremony.

What struck me most about the proceedings was the sense that the community’s best days are still ahead of it – which is one of the primary themes of Isekenegbe’s platform. I truly like that concept. “Engage, Inspire, Transform” are the words that are being put forward. I’ve met the man on different occasions and the truth of the matter is they are not just words for a ‘catchy slogan’; no, he means them. By all accounts he is the real deal.

Tomorrow night is the “Ball”. I’ve never been to one but the tux is hanging on my bedroom door, Mother Hen’s gown is a go and pretty soon we can say that we have been to a real – honest to goodness – Ball. We can’t wait to celebrate the occasion.

All the best President Isekenegbe; this is one blogger and alumni of Cumberland County College who wishes you a bountiful tenure.

I’ll see you there. ...Although I'm still concerned about that whole 'pumpkin after midnight' thing.

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mommanator said...

WOW you in a tux- pictures please!