Sunday, October 24, 2010

Desks of Legend and Yore

My laptop was downstairs for the summer. It was just too hot up in my computer room. I tucked it away next to my bed so that I could use it in the air conditioning of my bedroom. I will be migrating upstairs in the near future to place my laptop back onto its appointed position on my impromptu desk. I use a door laid flat on top of two old metal filing cabinets. It works just fine for what I need it to do but recently I asked myself, “Self,” I said, “what sort of desks are out there for geeks and/or eccentrics to use?”

Gentle Reader, before I knew it I was hitting Google and searching which is where I found this blog: Oh yeah, that’s pretty cool. “Expensive and perhaps a tad extravagant?” you might ask. No doubt about it. Still the steampunk gear desk and the Han Solo are just plain cool.

Hey, Batman has the desk in the Batcave, Tony Stark is surrounded by cool desks – apart from being priced WAY out of our league why not us? Yes, I know that they are both imaginary billionaires but that’s not the point. The point is they have cool desks I thought I’d pass these your way for consideration.

Until next time, Gentle Reader; I’ll be in line at Ikea!


mommanator said...

KOOL, when are they gonna invent a puter that is eazy to use in bed! Also, DID ya ever get he kindle ya wanted?

Evil Chicken said...

The 'puter WILL happen soon and instead of a Kindle Lin and I got Aluratek Libres.

Man, I love that thing.