Monday, June 21, 2010

Weird Al Live

It was a wonderful Father’s Day weekend. And, for yours truly, there was nowhere and no one else that I wanted to spend it with then my family. We played, we ate, we giggled, we guffawed, and we spent time together as a unit (which is good since we can do more damage that way). It was great. I count my blessings every day for the other four members of the EC-5. I tell you this, Gentle Reader, because I would be remiss in not telling you about one of the greatest Father’s Day events of this past weekend. My family, Mother Hen and the Three Chicks, took me to see “Weird Al” Yankovic at the Atlantic City Hilton!

Friends… what a show it was.

I have been a fan of Al’s for the last 29 years or so. I had the “Weird Al Yankovic In 3D” album (yes, that’s right, album) which had the song, “Eat It” on it which was Al’s first big hit. Since then Al has had other big hits such as, “Amish Paradise” and “White & Nerdy”. These are great but there are so many wonderful songs… “Weasel Stomping Day”, “I Love Rocky Road”, “Another One Rides the Bus”, “Charles Nelson Riley”, “I Want To Be Your Hog”, “The Saga Begins” and “Don’t Download This Song” are all classic Al. If you have not discovered his catalog for yourself then I urge you to do so. Mother Hen and I grew up with his music and we have passed this love along to our children. The Three Chicks are HUGE fans too. I suppose that was as inevitable as the tides. When the opportunity to see him live presented itself we jumped.

I am so glad we did.

Yankovic’s genius is evident not only in the song writing or his longevity but also in his live performance where it really shines. A Weird Al show is a multimedia extravaganza but the musicianship and sound reproduction of the band simply cannot be discounted. Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz on drums, Jim West on guitar, Steve Jay on bass and Rubén Valtierra on the keys are formidable.

Some find it is easy to dismiss Al Yankovic as an artist and musician but I am here to tell you that any such aspersions are highly misguided. There have been efforts for the last ten years or so to have him inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Gentle Reader, I am here to say that they deserve to be there.

If you get the chance to see him and the rest of the band live do so. You will not be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

That's JIM West on guitar, but aside from that little oops, I enjoyed your review a lot! I'll be seeing Al in Florida next month.

Evil Chicken said...

Thank you for catching my goof! I am a shmoe. You're spot on the money. I'll go back and change it. Jim deserves it.

Enjoy the show in Florida next month! Al and company are at the top of their game. You're gonna have a blast!