Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toy Story 3

Buzz, Woody and company are back. They have had two previous excursions into film. “Toy Story” launched the storytelling Juggernaut that PIXAR evolved into back in 1995 and they changed the world. This one closes the story arc and gives a nod to the inevitable passage of time. Andy has grown up. He is 17 and he is heading to college. This leaves the remaining toys in his room in a serious dilemma. Will they make it to the attic for retirement, the curb for trash-day or be donated to the daycare center?

“Toy Story 3 – that’s kids stuff.”

Who are you? Who let you in here? There are those who simply do not deserve to smell the roses. Go now. Know that you leave with my pity and not my anger. Perhaps we shall meet again one day… perhaps at a tractor-pull.

Here is the deal; PIXAR consistently makes film that inspires, carries a message and touches the heart. I’m here to tell you that their record remains intact. Nine tenths of the regular live action stuff that Hollywood produces can’t even come close to PIXAR’s record. For yours truly, this is the best film that I have seen this year.

So there you have it, get to a nice air-conditioned theater and behold the latest PIXAR masterpiece. Gentle Reader, you will be glad that you did. I could gush further about how great PIXAR’s track record is. I could tell you that this is the final chapter in the “Toy Story” saga. I could retread all the wonderful things that other critics have said about this film but, in all actuality, that just keeps you out of the theater longer.


You need to see this film on the big screen. It comes in 2D and 3D. We saw the 3D. Whichever mode of story delivery you chose you will not be disappointed. Be warned, however, PIXAR will sneak the emotional wallop in just when you think the water is safe. I’m glad that I was wearing the “Real 3D” glasses – it hid the tracks of my manly tears.

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